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Alright gentlemen, school circle on me. Today we’re talking about going unseen, unheard, and generally undetected while stomping through the green inferno they call a jungle. We’re not discussing some weird jungle invisibility cloak or even adopting local fauna as your new uniform (There’s an Army Ranger fabricating a G-string out of poison ivy as we speak).

Multicam Tropic in the wild
Multicam Tropic G-String dreamin’.


We’re diving deep into MultiCam Tropic. Before you ask, no, this isn’t some fancy drink you order at a beach bar while trying to impress the ladies with your tales of derring-do. This is the real deal – the only friend you’ll have when you’re knee-deep in some godforsaken jungle shit-hole.


So, what is MultiCam Tropic used for? In layman’s terms, it’s to keep you from looking like Morris Day and The Time while stomping around the woods.

Morris Day and The Time
Morris Day and The Time, not wearing Multicam Tropic, definitely not going to the woods.

Officially though, it’s designed to reduce your visual and near-IR signature in dense forest and jungle environments. It’s all about merging with the greenery and becoming one with the wilderness.

The Jungle Took Him
When you wear Multicam Tropic you take what you want.

The MultiCam Tropic™ color palette – dark green, green, bright green, olive, and dark brown – is so attuned to the jungle that you’d think Mother Nature herself had a hand in its design. Hell, you could be standing next to a tree, and even the tree wouldn’t notice you.


You might think, “Hey, there’s plenty of shadowy spots in the jungle, shouldn’t we have some black?” Nah, you see, black stands out in the woods like an NFL player at a battered women’s shelter. Those smart folks behind MultiCam Tropic knew this, and that’s why they left it out.


I know what you’re thinking – “Sounds good on paper, but does it really work?” Hell yes, it does!


During my time in the army, I was assigned to a reconnaissance crew, our mission focused on unearthing narcotics syndicates operating surreptitiously within the punishing, mountainous jungles. Our missions might typically commence with an adrenaline-fueled insertion into the theater of operations, oftentimes this was achieved by the exhilarating leap from a dust-churning pickup into the unforgiving arms of a hidden creek bed.


Then the real grind would start, lugging our armor-plated asses up vertiginous, verdant mountainsides, our clothing soaked in sweat due to the hammering 100% humidity. We didn’t have the luxury of walking the well-trodden pathways frequented by the traffickers – a veritable deathtrap bristling with hidden booby traps or potential surprise encounters with paranoid narcos, pumped full of meth, armed with AKs, precariously perched on the razor’s edge of a mountain.

Multicam Tropic in the wild 5
Operating on a razor’s edge. This is where camo counts.


It was like we were ghosts – shadows sliding through the undergrowth, our every move blended seamlessly with the jungle. The lush greens and earthy browns of the MultiCam Tropic made me practically invisible. It was like our own version of a superhero suit, minus the cool emblem and the flying part.


Targets were hit with cold precision. Extricating ourselves from these nerve-wracking situations, however, demanded every ounce of our orienteering prowess. On many occasions, this would mean a breathless, 2400-foot slalom down a slick, mud-covered mountainside. This was the expedient retreat of seasoned warriors sliding on their asses, in a race against time and terrain, to the safety of the exfiltration point.

Predator disappears
So long, gay boys!


So, whether you’re an army grunt, a law enforcement officer, or just a guy who likes to feel invisible while trekking through dense jungle, MultiCam Tropic is for you. Because who wants to be the odd man out in a jungle? That’s right, nobody. Well, unless you’re trying to attract a mate or something, but trust me, there are easier ways.


So put down that generic camo gear, step away from the neon jungle hat, and get your hands on MultiCam Tropic™. It’s the difference between being an unseen jungle phantom or a game of Shoot That Dumbass.
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Bad Moon Armory Multicam Tropic AR-15
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