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About us

We are a Veteran and LEO owned company specializing in compassionate obscenities, made-to-order violence, and sweet-ass tactical gear. This ain't no bullshit, these are premium products from American companies. We serve the warrior class.

The journey began in 2008

We’ve been gun-toters for a long time.  Our people range from corrections officers, homeland security contractors, to combat veterans.  These men are made up of purely dick and backbone. From standoffs with hitmen, to counterdrug operations in hostile environments in unforgiving terrain, to dodging rocket fire our staff understands the complexities of violence and the difference proper gear can make.


The Defiant Coalition

Chuckin dueces

Tommy Crenshaw

War Chief
The owner and operator, Tommy Crenshaw, is a U.S. Army veteran of Iraq, and a law enforcement officer. Crenshaw has worked in specialized units in both fields doing gang and narcotics work. Given his experience in the field Crenshaw felt the need to provide military personnel, law enforcement, and responsibly armed civilians with quality gear from American companies.

Jon Duty

Creative Consultant
"If you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, riddle them with bullets."
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