Grey Ghost Gear Apparition Bag – Solid Colors

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  • Short Barreled Rifle Bag (SBR)
  • Discreet design for concealed carry
  • Two-tone fabric accent
  • 2 water bottle-sized side pockets
  • Cinch straps for securing tripod/walking sticks
  • Zippered compartments for small items
  • Stowable rain fly for weather protection and color change
  • Front “coffin design” pocket with vertical zipper
  • Generous secondary pocket with full-length zippers and double pulls
  • Loop-lined for customization with hook-backed pouches/holsters
  • Can carry additional upper receiver
  • GGG logo and zippered pocket for small loose items inside front pocket

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Introducing the Grey Ghost Gear Apparition Bag: the only SBR backpack that can hang with the “scarves n coffee” crowd while secretly harboring a fire-breathing wet dream. With this discreet beauty, you’ll blend in effortlessly among the wanderlusting masses, making you the world’s most dangerous apex predator. What does nature tell us? The most dangerous kings of the food chain don’t lay on the jungle floor with their jaws open and teeth exposed for the world to see. Bad actors do that. You shouldn’t!

The backpack perfectly cradles your SBR, but also has an expandable pocket that adds to the main compartment at the bottom for those of you not into the whole brevity thing. Overall, the main pack compartment manages to discreetly house up to 35″ of constitutional fury.

The outside of this SBR backpack boasts a clean design with a look that screams, “I may have a flair for fashion, but I’m equally adept at navigating the corporate world.” On the sides, you’ll find two water bottle-sized pockets, perfect for hydrating during a casual hike or while gunfighting your way out of a Peddler’s Mall after someone overheard you say Tom Hanks’ character in Saving Private Ryan was an asshole that got his entire, horribly outnumbered, squad killed trying to achieve an impossible tactical advantage.

Anyway…. above these pockets, cinch straps secure your photo tripod, walking sticks, or whatever other seemingly mundane items you need to keep up appearances while on the local hipster trail.

Flanking each pocket, zippers open to small compartments perfect for storing essentials like your cell phone, keys, a spare magazine, a family of squirrels, a Glock 43 or Sig 365. When Mother Nature decides to act like the heinous bitch that she is the Grey Ghost Apparition Bag has you covered. There’s a stowable rain fly, so you can keep your gear safe and dry during sudden downpours and all the damp women who will hurl their lady parts at you after seeing you with such a dashing bag.

The coffin design reassures you that there is ease of access whenever it’s time to let Old Painless out of the bag. The front pocket of this pack comes with pleats and a vertical zipper on the right side, this pocket accommodates items you need at the ready, like a passport, or an ice cream cone with a mischievous scoop of refried beans so you can let the neighbor kids know you ain’t never gonna be friends.  “Dry up them tears, and send your mama over here, Scooter.”

But wait, there’s more! The next pocket is as generous as Oprah, with its full-length zippers with double pulls and loop lining give you the freedom to customize your storage with various hook-backed pouches or holsters. Did your mission change or did you melt your barrel into flaccid uselessness? This pocket has enough room to carry an additional upper for your gun.

And don’t forget the pièce de résistance: inside the front of the pocket, you’ll find the chic GGG logo and a zippered pocket sized just right for small loose items, like extra batteries, toll booth change, or a handful of emergency hamburger helper.

Ultimately, the Grey Ghost Apparition Bag is the summit of SBR backpacks for those looking to maintain a low profile without sacrificing functionality. It’s the perfect blend of rugged durability and discreet style, making it the go-to choice for modern-day warriors who like their gear with a side of crude humor. So strap on this on your sore ass, and take the unfair advantage.

Old Painless
Is it time to get Old Painless out the bag?

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Black with Cyan Zips, Black with Red Thread, Brown & Black, Grey & Black, Tan & OD


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