High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap


This medical ankle wrap is designed to carry essential supplies to stabilize a gunshot wound.

• Designed for one tourniquet, combat gauze, compact compression bandage and nitrile gloves
• Expandable storage will also fit chest seals, gauze and a clothing cutter, if desired
• Glove pocket on elastic strap folds flat when not used
• Neoprene padding behind tourniquet pocket protects ankle from hard contact with tourniquet and adds grip
• Features breathable spacer mesh for comfort
• Elastic strap offers adaptable fit over the ankle or a boot


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Introducing the High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap: Because Shit Happens

When life throws you a curveball (or, you know, a fucking stray bullet), the High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap is your savvy sidekick, designed to carry essential supplies to stabilize a gunshot wound. We don’t wanna brag, but this badass ankle medical kit is like the Swiss Army knife of trauma gear. You can operate with confidence with this medical wrap, knowing you’re prepared for whatever chaos comes your way.

This bad boy’s got room for one tourniquet, combat gauze, a compact compression bandage, and nitrile gloves. But why stop there? Does your city got rounds flying through it like an ammo warehouse caught fire? Its expandable storage also fits chest seals, extra gauze, and a clothing cutter. We’ve got you covered, even if you are going to a 4th of July weekend barbecue on the south side of Chicago.

Let’s face it, a tourniquet against your ankle sounds the same as taping a belt sander to the one place on your body that’s protected only by rice paper. Luckily, High Speed Gear added neoprene padding behind the tourniquet pocket to protect your money-making ankle from hard contact and to provide a little extra grip.

It doesn’t stop there! The High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap features breathable spacer mesh for comfort, because nobody wants a sweaty, stank-ass trauma wrap. The elastic strap offers an adaptable fit over the ankle or a boot. Have it your way, just like the king of burgers says.

And the plot thickens! This slick piece of gear also boasts MIL-SPEC materials and construction. You heard that right, folks. We’re talking military-grade durability, because when shit hits the fan, you need a trauma wrap that can withstand the forces of chaos. Who knows? You might even get mistaken for an off-duty Navy SEAL and write a book about it.

Don’t let the size fool you either. This compact wrap is designed to be lightweight and low-profile, so you can strut your stuff without looking like you’ve got an awkward growth on your ankle. And when it’s go-time, the quick-access pull tab ensures you can whip out your lifesaving supplies like a whimsical medical ninja.

Not only that, but we understand that one size doesn’t always fit all. The High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap has tons of hook and loop real estate for the proper fit, catering to both slim and meaty ankles alike. So whether you’ve got the legs of a gazelle or a heavyweight wrestler, this trauma wrap will hug your ankle just right.

So, whether you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse, or volunteering your services in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the High Speed Gear 247 Trauma Wrap has got your back. Be the competent, prepared hero you were always meant to be. Get yours now!