Kore Police Duty Belt 2.25″ Ratchet Belt


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Introducing the Kore Micro Adjustable Police Duty Belt, a groundbreaking innovation in law enforcement gear. This comprehensive set includes a robust Duty Buckle, a high-quality 2.25″ Basketweave or Plain Leather Police Duty Belt, a supportive 1.5″ Inner Velcro loop Belt, a reliable Tip Keeper, an Inner Belt Clip for added security, a Hex Wrench/Screws set for easy adjustments, and detailed Sizing Instructions.

The Kore Police Duty Belt stands as the world’s first micro-adjustable ratchet belt designed specifically for law enforcement officers, military personnel, and security professionals. Engineered with a unique, patented track system discreetly woven into the back of the belt, it allows for precise 1/4″ increment adjustments. This feature ensures that officers can quickly tighten or loosen their Police Duty Belt for a perfect fit without the hassle of unbuckling or readjusting.

The innovative design of the Kore Police Duty Belt guarantees unmatched comfort and adjustability. It addresses the dynamic needs of law enforcement professionals who require flexibility and ease of movement throughout their demanding shifts. The belt’s adaptability makes it an essential piece of equipment for any officer seeking a reliable and comfortable solution for their gear.

Kore’s Police Duty Belt is not just about comfort; it’s built for superior support. The Outer Duty Belt and Inner Liner Belt are reinforced with the brand’s exclusive Power-Core™ center, offering enhanced durability and support crucial for carrying various equipment and tools. This reinforcement ensures that the belt can withstand the rigors of daily police work while maintaining its shape and functionality.

Quality is a hallmark of Kore’s Police Duty Belt. Proudly made in the USA, the 2-1/4″ duty belts use Kore’s proprietary ‘Amortek’ material, surpassing traditional duty belts in performance and longevity. The Velcro hook system facilitates a seamless attachment to the sturdy Inner Velcro loop belts. Unique to Kore, these Inner belts feature a flexible material section, allowing them to adjust in tandem with the outer belt, providing a level of adjustability and comfort not found in other police duty belts.

The Kore Heavy-Duty Buckle is an engineering feat in itself. Made from lightweight aluminum (weighing only 4.6 oz.), it incorporates a patented spring-loaded ratchet mechanism that ensures precise belt adjustment and secure locking. Moreover, its dual release system is specifically designed to prevent unauthorized removal, adding an extra layer of security essential for police officers in the field.

It’s important to note that the full benefits of the Kore Police Duty Belt’s micro-adjustable feature are realized when the Outer Duty Belt and Inner Liner Belt are used together. This synergy between the two belts is a testament to Kore’s commitment to providing law enforcement professionals with the best possible gear.

Kore’s Two-Belt Adjustable Track Systems are not only patented in the USA but also have patent applications pending in six countries, reflecting the global recognition of its innovative approach to police duty gear. This Police Duty Belt is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to Kore’s dedication to advancing the standards of law enforcement gear through constant innovation and a deep understanding of the needs of those who protect and serve.

In summary, the Kore Micro Adjustable Police Duty Belt represents a significant leap forward in duty belt technology. With its unparalleled adjustability, superior support, and exceptional quality, it sets a new standard for police duty belts, offering law enforcement professionals a reliable, comfortable, and secure solution for their gear-carrying needs.

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Belt Width / Thickness 2.25” / 68 mm / 2-1/4 inch
Load Rating Up to 30 lbs. / Full-Size Firearm, Stun Gun, Magazine Pouches, Radio, Flashlight, Handcuffs, , Mace, Baton, and more.
Size Range One Size Fits 24” – 48”
Adjustable Track Provides Over 20 – 1/4″ Size Positions for Perfect Fit Every Time.
Belt Reinforcement Power-Core™ Center for Added Stiffness & Support that’s Virtually Indestructible
Outer Belt Material Armortek – Manmade Super-Fiber Engineered to Outperform & Outlast Leather Belts. Uses Velcro Hook to Attach to Inner Velcro Loop Belt.
Tip Keeper Included
Interchangeable Compatible with D1 & D2 Duty Buckles

Not Compatible with G-Series Buckles, X-Series Gun Buckles, Western Gun Buckles or Non-Gun Buckles

Warranty  1 Year Manufacturer’s / 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee*

Cut or Altered Duty Belts Are NOT Eligible For Returns Or Refunds. Please Follow Sizing Instructions Carefully.

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Basketweave, Plain Leather