VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic Plate Carrier – A Superior Carrier

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The VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic Plate Carrier

*WILL ONLY ACCEPT 10″ X 12″ SAPI CUT CERAMIC PLATES (STANDARD MILITARY ISSUE SIZE), will not fit any UHMWPE types of armor, they are too thick.*


  •     Made in the USA
  •     First Spear quick release tubes
  •     Stretch cummerbund holds carrier close to the body but allows your chest to expand
  •     Top loading admin pocket with quiet pull zippers
  •     Removable triple 5.56 mag pouch placard
  •     Built-in cummerbund holsters will accept 5.56 mags, radios, or whatever your imagination can conjure
  •     Loop panel on the front for ID patches or other debauchery
  •     Full molle back for real estate options
  •     Fully adjustable shoulder straps
  •     Machine washable

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The VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic Plate Carrier, a remarkable product of an exclusive collaboration between The Raid Group and Defiant Tactical Gear, embodies the synergy of meticulous American craftsmanship and advanced tactical innovation.

This American-made plate carrier is a paradigm of efficiency, speed, and flexibility, devised to transform any operator into an unmatched presence in the theatre of combat.

Designed with a vision to serve a diverse range of applications, the VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic plate carrier is as equally adept in high-octane conflict situations as it is in stealthy, covert operations.

Preconfigured to carry a formidable nine 5.56 magazines, this plate carrier stands as a symbol of instant operational readiness, prepared to deliver a punch the moment you step foot on the battleground.

At the heart of this carrier’s adaptability is its fully adjustable 3-band / 3-cell cummerbund.

This feature, equipped with hook and loop attachment points both at the front and the rear, integrates seamlessly with the revolutionary First Spear quick-release tubes, presenting an effortless ‘set it and forget it’ system.

With this setup, you’re able to slide in or out of the carrier with a swift, one-handed operation – an intuitive, life-saving design in critical situations.

The VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic plate carrier has been meticulously crafted to accommodate a wide spectrum of operators. Whether you’re a brawny powerhouse or a nimble, petite specialist, this carrier has got you covered.

Further enhancing the comfort and adaptability, the carrier includes a stretch cummerbund which, while ensuring a snug fit, allows for chest expansion.

In addition to this, an elegantly designed top-loading admin pocket has been integrated with discreet pull zippers. This allows quiet and stealthy access to essential items in the heat of the operation.

The American-made carrier also comes with a detachable triple 5.56 mag pouch placard, offering extra firepower at your disposal.

At the crossroads of functionality and ingenuity are the built-in cummerbund holsters. Ready to house 5.56 magazines, radios, or any other tactical tools, these holsters enable you to carry everything you need to achieve victory.

Adding a personal touch or identification patches is a breeze, thanks to the loop panel on the front of the carrier.

For those requiring diversified storage options, the VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic plate carrier comes with a full MOLLE back, enabling you to customize your gear according to the mission at hand.

To ensure optimal comfort during strenuous operations, the carrier incorporates fully adjustable shoulder straps, offering a custom fit for every warrior.

When the mission gets rough and dirty, rest assured that the VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic plate carrier remains pristine. This marvel of design is entirely machine washable, promising a clean, ready-to-go carrier for your next mission.

The VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic Plate Carrier, entirely designed and constructed in the U.S.A, stands as a symbol of American ingenuity and superior craftsmanship.

Please be informed that it’s specifically designed to fit 10″ X 12″ SAPI CUT CERAMIC PLATES (STANDARD MILITARY ISSUE SIZE) and may not be compatible with UHMWPE types of armor due to their thickness.

Experience the unyielding spirit of the VENGEANCE Multicam Tropic Plate Carrier today – an embodiment of adaptability, readiness, and the relentless pursuit of victory. When it comes to tactical gear, the VENGEANCE doesn’t just set the bar – it is the bar.

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